Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chapter 3: Part 2

I stopped at the door while Xi rambled on still amazed that this wasn’t a dream- Vairety since a very young age always imagined have her dragon friend except “Ruby” as she used to call it was imaginary and wasn’t in front of her talking- As Vairety started to crouch down to fit in the house she heard her cousins rapid breathing come up behind her. Vairety realised that Xi’s house was very small almost like a cave it had stone walls, stone floor, stone everything! As she reached the tiny table she heard Ash stumbling behind. She sat and gave a sigh of relief as she thought she might have never seen a chair again!

As Ash and Vairety vaguely listened to Xi’s life story they shoved apple something this and something that into their mouths- Xi was a really good cook- Vairety really enjoyed the fresh apple juice and accidentally finished the bottle. After they finished Xi asked them personal questions.

“So why are you out so very far away from the city, hm? He asked as he raised an eyebrow.
“What city?” Vairety replied softly.
“What do you mean what city, everyone knows the city, it’s where everybody lives!” he laughed.
“We don’t.” Vairety said stupidly.
“Hahaha, oh you’re not joking. Wait if you don’t live in the city where do you live?” he said with the same raised eyebrow. “If you’re Marlin and Brock’s spies your in for some big trouble, I am the master of Karigeta Dragon Defence, I could even breath fire on you! So tell me what you want!” he yelled ferociously.
“We’re not spies!” Ash interjected.
“Ash is right we are not spies, we live well I’m not sure how to put this because I don’t even know what this is but from what I’ve worked out we’re not from around hear, not anywhere here!” she said realising they might not be able to get back.
“You mean you are pure humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the sky, from the planet I believe is called Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he exclaimed.
“Ahh, yes.” Vairety whispered.
“And that matters why?” Ash interjected rudely.
“Why! Because you are part of the prophecy, because you are the prophecy!” he said enthusiastically.
“Prophecies are only in movies not in real life!” Ash thought out loud.
“What’s a movie?” Xi asked confused.
“Nothing.” Vairety sighed, “Look do you have anywhere to sleep prophecies will not be fulfilled while we’re tired, and we have had a lot to take in today just can we finish this conversation tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, I’ll show you where you can sleep.” He said considerately. We followed him to the back of the cottage where there was a fully cushioned room, “ Made this years back encase I ever had children.” Xi sighed.
“What happened?” Vairety asked thoughtfully.
“ Well my wife died in a horrific volcano explosion, you see she was flying as she did and a volcano erupted, never saw her again…” he said grimly.
“Sorry, and thank you.” Vairety smiled as she laid down next to her cousin.
“ No, thank you.” He said compassionately as he walked out of the room.

Vairety woke to the quietness of the air, it had probably been her best night of sleeping ever- you see Vairety was a light sleeper- and then looked at her cousin who was faintly snoring, who had obviously needed much more sleep then her. She slowly crawled out of the room into the kitchen where she banged her head on a pot or two. As her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room she saw Xi cooking what smelt like bacon, while drooling at the smell she sat up and coughed. “Ah, your up I never thought you would wake.” He said in amazement.
“Excuse me?” Vairety said with a yawn.
“You and your cousin have slept for two days straight.” He matter-of-factly spoke.
“What?!” Vairety said suddenly awake.
“It’s okay that can be expected after a big shock, and besides it gave me time to arrange a meeting with “Miss Midnight” the fortune teller, you see she lives just up the road…” he started rambling again.
“Miss Midnight, fortune teller?” she interjected confused.
“Well, her real name is Margret- Margret Midnight, she’s been my neighbour for years, anyway I just booked in to see if you two were from the prophecy.” He rambled casually.
“Oh okay.” Vairety whispered.
“Now dig in!” he said as he placed a plate in front of me. “Your cousin will be glad to know that Pig Bird bacon isn’t apple flavoured!” he said with a laugh.
“Thank you but what is Pig Bird?”
“Just a fat bird really.”
“Oh.” Vairety whispered but she was in state to pass up food and it did smell good.

Once she finished she saw her cousin emerged and automatically start eating without a word. The Pig Bird bacon was actually very scrumptious, it tasted like honey-glazed ham in her opinion.
“Once your done Ash I believe we better be off to Miss Midnight’s!” he said excited.
And five minutes later we were out into the cold crisp air of a morning and stumbling down another leaf littered path.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chapter 3 - Part One

“If you’re hungry I do make a mean apple soup.”
Ash had to rub her eyes and blink several times before she could take in what she was staring at.
“What?” Asked the tiny dragon and he spun around, inspecting himself. “Do I have something in my teeth?”
“Am I dreaming or is that baby dragon actually talking to us?” Ash heard Variety say as she came up behind her.
Ash was about to agree when the little dragon suddenly exclaimed, “Hey! I’m not a baby, I’m a fully grown Karigeta Dragon, the oldest of my kind,” he rambled reminding Ash of a character in a show she used to watch as a kid. “And may I say it is very rude to mention my, uh, lack of height, you know you don't look too perfect yourself, Princess.”
Ash and Vairety swapped a look of both amazement and wonder.
“Just tell me this—am I dreaming?” Ash asked her cousin.
“I don't know, pinch yourself,” Vairety replied and they both grabbed onto their arms and let out a little ‘ow’ since the pinching actually hurt.
“You guys are weird,” the dragon said, studying them closely and then he jumped up and grinned. “Fortunately I like weird—I’m Xi, if you’re hungry I have some food, a three thousand year old storage shack to be correct.”
Vairety’s stomach rumbled in response and the dragon—Xi—seemed to take that as a well honoured response and raced down the path shouting, “Follow me!” As he ran.
“Do you think—” Ash started but Vairety quickly cut her off.
“It’s food, Ash, I don't care if I’m hallucinating—food,” and with that she took off down the road.
“No more running!” Ash shouted and gave a little jog. She felt so tired, her legs were like jelly and her head was throbbing but as she moved, more and more down the path the smell of apple pie and fresh bread wafted down to her, (Ash has always prided on her good sense of smell) and she felt a little kick of energy and quickly chased after her cousin.
She almost ran into Vairety who was standing in front of a little cottage where Xi was rattling off information about himself. Something like ‘wipe your feet before you enter’ but Ash didn’t care.
“We can make introductions later, unless you want a dead body to move,” she snapped at him not even caring that she should be polite to someone who was about to give her the elixir of life—food.
Xi opened his mouth and then closed it again and disappeared into the cottage. Once he was gone, Ash quickly raced forward and realised that the door was made ‘tiny dragon size’ and she had to crawl like a dog, hating every moment of it.
“Ta-da! My famous apple crumble, sure to knock your socks off,” Xi said and placed a hot tray onto the table with his teeth. Everything in the cottage was miniature size, the table was smaller than the ones they had in kindergarten and the ceiling hung so low Ash had to crawl to get to anywhere.
“Did you wipe your feet?” Xi asked, eyeing Ash and Vairety, who was also on her hands and knees.
“Yes,” Vairety replied.
After pausing for a moment he grinned and shouted, “Dig in!”
Ash managed to eat the Apple Pie in one bite (because it was the size of a sausage roll) and finished her apple juice in one gulp. After that, Xi made apple soup, apple omelette, apple cake, and apple salad and apple ice cream for desert. By the time they had finished eating Ash was still hungry.
“Are apples the only thing you have?” Ash asked. Ash was not a fan of apples.
Xi paused, considering for a moment, and then said, “I have bread,” and went and collected them some.
Ash eagerly took a bite and then realised that it was apple-flavoured bread and tried not to glare at his smug face as he said, “More apple juice?”
“Yes please,” Vairety, replied brightly. Vairety was a fan of apples.
Xi collected the bottle and then sat down across from them. “So where are you headed?” He asked, “It’s not everyday that I see humans, especially young humans venturing around outside the Kingdom—not since Martin and Brock’s reign of terror, not.”
“Who’s Martin and Brock?” Ash and Vairety asked in union.
Xi’s eyes grew wide and he looked at them both as if they might have had too much apple juice. “You don't know? Where have you been? Under a rock,” and then he paused to consider wether or not that was possible.
The two cousins exchanged a look of worry. They had no idea how they were going to tell the little dragon where they were from.
“Look,” Vairety said, finally, because she could control her temper. “We’re not from here.”
“Where then?” Xi’s eyes suddenly grew wide. “Are you working for the Dark Brothers?”
“No!” They both exclaimed. “We’re not working for anyone, alright, we’re from Earth,” Ash snapped.
“Earth? Where’s that—the mountains?”
Ash frowned. “No, it’s a planet—a human planet, we accidently sent ourselves here when we found this necklace thing,” she glanced at Vairety who was nodding as she nibbled on an apple chip. “See, we were being pursued by a group of men and when he picked up this necklace we suddenly found ourselves here . . . in a lake.”
“The Lake,” Xi said, looking amused and then quickly straightened up under Ash’s deadly glare. “Well,” he said drawing out the word. “There’s only one person who can determine wether or not you’re liars, spies of the Dark Brothers, and for that proof we’ll have to go to the Kingdom.”
“Kingdom?” Vairety repeated.
“Yep, that’s over the mountains, into dangerous terrain. We’ll have to watch out for the Dark Brothers, and not the mention the trolls and dragons.”
Ash nearly chocked on her chip.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chapter 2: Pt2

There it was again that shriek it sounded like a girl who just found the monster under her bed, she looked around again nothing. Where could it be coming from, Vairety thought to herself while she tried to pull her cousin along. After that “dip” in the lake her eyes were stinging and blurry, her jeans stuck to her heavily and that made it so much harder to walk let alone pull her cousin who was so dreadfully slow. She didn’t know if it was the water in her ears but she could hear heavy breathing. “What…do…you…think…it…is?” Ash whispered out of breath, there it was to their right but it sounded as if it was on top of them, “Sounds human.”

Vairety glanced up seeing one of the men in the black suits was stuck in one of the trees surrounding the lake, which by the way were all dead. He obviously hadn’t spotted them she thought, so this might be the only chance to get away and she didn’t want to find out if they were anymore of em here. “Come on, get your breath back because were gonna have to do a whole lot more running.” She whispered so the man wouldn’t here.

“What?” her cousin yelled, typical she thought. Afraid that the man heard them Vairety took off hoping her cousin would follow and somehow be fast about it. “This is such a pain!” she heard Ash screech in the distance, the sun was setting and Vairety saw a leaf littered path which lead she presumed to a town or something. As she was on the path she thought it best not to lose her cousin in this place if you could call it that.

When her cousin finally caught up Vairety looked down the path but all she could see was a couple of trees, lots of dirt and small rocks. They might as well go down it cause she certainly didn’t want to stay they night here, not with that man, not with that god forbid necklace, where was that necklace she looked at herself then at her cousin then realised that they had lost the only way back home where ever it was…

“Where is it?” she helplessly yelled.
“Where’s what Vee?” her cousin calmly replied.
“That god forbid necklace the one that put us here!” she said through tears, “ Don’t you want to go back home or what!” she gulped.
“ Vee, calm down for all you know this is just a dream no need to cry, okay?” Ash said looking down at her with meaningful eyes. Vairety knew she’d over reacted but it was just apart of who she was and her cousin knew that. “Okay.” She said through one last snivel.

She then straightened up and took a deep breath and told her cousin, “We’re going to head down this path follow it till we see a house or something to sleep in and we’ll figure out the rest when we get there.” Her cousin nodded and then the walked down the dry, dusty, leaf littered path together.

The sunset didn’t last long before they knew it, it was dark but not pitch black there was this eerie glow, which cast horrifying shadows from the low flying clouds. As time wore on there was no house, gave or hollow tree or anything, just rocks and the occasional tree. Her cousin was tired she could tell by the look in her eyes as she winged and moaned, Ash’s eyes were drooping looking at the ground as if it was a giant mattress or something.

While Vairety glanced around she suddenly heard her cousin’s footsteps stop. She turned round thinking the man had got her but Ash was on the ground eyes closed. Please don’t be dead please don’t be dead is all she could think, she raced over to her cousin and shook her, “Wake up Ashlee Woods, we’re all a little tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, very tired but that doesn’t mean you can dose off!!!!!!!!!! Besides you wouldn’t want to sleep here anyway, you don’t know what’s out here!!!!!!!!” as she yelled this in her cousin’s ear her eyes opened wide with confusion.
“ I’m sorry but it’s been a long day and this path is leading us nowhere-“ but before her cousin could finish they smelt smoke and something burning, food Vairety hoped.

She presumed her cousin was wide awake now or sleep walking because before she could say anything Ash had already took off down the path, she’s probably hungry Vairety thought as her stomach rumbled, either that or she had heard something behind them. Variety really didn’t want to find out if there was something behind her so she sprinted off after her cousin. As she caught up she found her cousin stopped in the middle of the path staring, “What are you doing we’ve gotta find that food-“ Vairety looked at her cousin then to what she was looking at. She thought to herself, no it can’t be can it…

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chapter 2: pt 1

Ash surfaced, coughing with water up her nose, in her mouth, ears, and stinging her eyes terribly. She had to blink a couple of times before her vision cleared and when it did she blinked several more times to confirm wether or not she was seeing things.
To her left Ash could here Vairety coughing as she came to life too. Ash had to suppress a laugh as she did though, since her hair was sticking up at the top and her fringe had fallen over her eyes, making her look like a wet dog.
“Where are we?” Vairety asked, pushing away her fringe.
Ash glanced around but all she could see were dead trees surrounding the area, and it seemed that they were in a large, black lake. Above them the sky was clear, not a single cloud. Oooh, a good dream, Ash usually always had pleasant dreams, but she mostly enjoyed one’s featuring a place she’d never been before, and it was much better than that horrible semi-nightmare she had about those men. . .
As they both struggled rather ungracefully to shore Ash became aware of the sound of shriek coming from somewhere nearby. She was about to ask Vairety what she thought of it but her cousin beat her to it, “What the heck is that?”
Ash giggled, wringing out her hair and taking off her combat boots to allow the water to drain out. “A depressed bird,” she mocked.
Vairety shook her head as she did the same with her hair, shoes and vest. “Where are we, do you think?” she said again after a while.
Ash glanced around whilst trying to get the water out from her ears. “I don't know, but I would rather not stay around here at night,” she had a little shiver as she imagined creatures which went bump in the night crawling out from behind those dead trees, into the black water. . . “Good place to hold a Halloween party,” she joked.
Vairety said something, but Ash had put all her concentration on jumping up and down with her finger in her ear to really notice. But when the water finally trickled out she heard Vairety call out and glanced to see her gone.
She immediately felt a deep ache in her stomach, fear? Hunger? She didn’t really care. “Vee?” she called out, but came with no reply. Then she started getting worried. Ash began walking around the lake, glancing through the trees, trying to find her cousin’s slim figure somewhere—anywhere.
“Ash! Come on!”
Vairety’s voice shot out of nowhere, causing Ash to jump right out of her skin. “Where are you!” Ash yelled, feeling annoyed. She hated it when people surprised her, her friends had learnt that the hard way last year when they decided to play an April Fools day trick on here. Tsk, tsk, Ash almost smiled at the memory of their faces when she—
“You’re slower than a sloth,” Vairety’s voice shot out once more, but this time Ash spotted her and felt a bit more relaxed, all until Vairety grabbed her arm and began pulling her in a certain direction.
“You’re saying I’m slow?” She snapped, trying to wriggle out of Vairety’s grip. “You went galloping off without telling me and expected me to know exactly where you went?”
“I told you I was going to check something out and to come with me,” Vairety replied, just as sharp, she glared back at Ash. “How much water did you get in those ears?”
Ash shrugged, trying to let her anger fade away. “The left one’s clear but. . .”
Ash was going to say something when she heard the cry come out again and realised why her cousin was so interested in investigating it. She knew Vairety’s kind heart, if she ever heard an animal in need she’d go to it immediately, it was her problem—she was too nice.
“This way,” Vairety said, and before Ash knew it she took off once more. It took her a while before she did actually notice, but when she did Ash gave a shout and gave chase and almost crashed into Vairety who had stopped suddenly, her head cocked to one side.
“What. . . do you. . . think. . . it is?” Ash said, out of breath. The cry came again, to her right. “Sounds human,” Ash said.
Vairety nodded, and pointed. “Come on, get your breath back because we’re gonna have to do a whole lotta more running?”
“What?” Ash watched once more as she ran off. “This is such a pain!” She screeched. But she could see the sun setting just above the trees and she didn’t want to get lost and lose her cousin so she turned and down to leaf-littered road.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chapter One: pt 1

“Man, it’s cold,” Ash rubbed her hands over her bare arms, feeling the prickle of goose bumps as she did so. She glanced upwardly at the sky, although it had been sunny when they first arrived at the mall the clouds had thickened fast and it looked like it was about to break out into a storm. “Do we have to walk back? You know there are thousands of taxi’s around.” “Okay, and then you can pay for the fair, besides it’s not even far,” her cousin and best-friend, Variety, replied as she plucked off her sunglasses and tucked them neatly into her duffle bag. She paused for a second, waiting for Ash to catch up. “You know, if you walk faster we can get there before dark.” Ash mumbled something under her breath, wishing she had bought a jacket along—she didn’t like the smug look Variety had on her pale, pretty face since she had opted for a vest and jeans, whilst Ash was stuck with a pair of black shorts and matching black sleeveless hoodie. Suddenly a clap of thunder erupted through the sky, causing them both to jump. “Come on,” Variety hissed, pushing Ash along as the first drops of rain splattered down on them like the Angels of Heaven were weeping. Ahead of them Ash watched as the pedestrians scattered like ants trying to escape the storm, soon most of the cars on the street had pulled away and they found themselves all alone. Ash picked up her pace a little, she wanted desperately to get out of the rain because while she enjoyed storms she only liked watching them from the comfort of her bedroom—not when she was actually in them. “Do you think—” she started, but was cut off when Variety pulled her back and pointed towards a random shop window. “Huh?” Ash glanced down, peering at the arrangement of jewellery that was being showed off in the shop window. “$320? For that thing? I hope your not considering buying it.” “Not that, look in the reflection,” Variety tapped a certain area where Ash could make out five men, all dressed heavily in black, who had stopped by a different window, pretending to be interested in women’s shoes. Ash frowned, not sure why her cousin was so interested in them until she whispered, “They’re following us, when we move they move, when we stop they stop.” “Oh,” Ash said, not sure what to think about that. She allowed Variety to pull her along as the rain splattered annoyingly onto her face. “Do you think their stalkers? Rapists?” Variety shrugged. Although Ash knew she shouldn’t glance back she ended up doing so and realised that Variety was quite right, she bit her lip. “When we get to the bend, run,” Variety whispered into her ear. Although running from rapists sent a chill down Ash’s spine she couldn’t help but feel a pang of excitement shoot through her—not that being raped or killed was on her agenda, but nothing exciting ever happened in their ordinary, dull lives, and wouldn’t it be fun to stop and beat the beejeezies out of those guys? Ash didn’t underestimate the force she had in herself. But her excitement quickly drained away as they arrived to the dreaded bend, the one which would take them into a disserted street and sure enough give those men a good chance to grab them. “Ready?” Variety whispered, as if this was just a running race. Ash tensed her muscles as they stepped forward and she shot down the street. Variety was ahead of her slightly, since Ash’s slim legs weren’t exactly made for running, she usually concentrated on her arms and torso more when she exercised, her legs were just a mere skeleton holding her up. “Come on!” Variety hissed, grabbing her cousin’s hand. Ash could easily make out the sounds of five pairs of feet hitting the pavement hard just behind them, so close, Ash knew that in a couple of seconds they would be right on top of them. And then Variety said, “Down here; we can loose them,” and pulled Ash into a long, narrow backstreet—a backstreet with a dead end, that is. “Vee you idiot,” Ash growled, brushing her annoying fringe out of her eyes. “Well, since you dragged us in here I’m suggesting you go first with the rape and murder.” “Shut up,” Variety snapped. Ash could see her body shaking as her bright, emerald green eyes darted around, trying to find a place to hide, a weapon, an escape—anything. “Well. . .” Ash started, feeling like she needed to say something before everything came to an end. She pressed herself against the back wall and watched as the five men began running towards them—and that was when she saw it. The necklace was half submerged by a murky puddle left by the rain. It seemed rusted but had an obvious golden shine to it, and hanging heavily on the thin chain was a large, black gemstone. Thinking quickly Ash grabbed hold of the necklace and shook Variety’s arm. “Don't you—” but she was cut off as a shriek escaped from her mouth and a hand came down on her arm. She glanced up to see one of the men glaring down at her with black, beady eyes. She tried to kick and punch at him but he dodged all her blows and attacks as he reached into his pocket. Ash felt as if everything was going in slow motion. And then she felt Variety’s hand come down on the necklace, probably thinking of using it as a weapon or something. But just as she did Ash saw a bright light escape from the gemstone from the corner of her eye—and before she could say anything she felt Variety’s hand slip out of her own as her body began falling into not eternal darkness, but eternal brightness, everywhere around her was a gleaming white, and Ash couldn’t tell which one she preferred.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapter 1- Part 2

Vairety could feel her skin prickling up as they left the mall. Not because it was cold or anything, but because she could tell something bad was going to happen. Ash muttered something but she wasn’t interested in that. She was too caught up in the feeling, the feeling that she was either being watched or followed.
Ash then said something about a taxi, and absent-mindedly Vairety replied that she could pay, if she really wanted to get one. The feeling was getting too strong for comfort so Vairety pretended to look in her duffle bag, an excuse so she could check behind her without seeming too obvious.
And that was when she saw them. The five expressionless men in a black getup walking a couple of metres behind and across the street. Suddenly, a clap of thunder emitted from overhead and Vairety used this as an excuse to hurry.
“Come on,” she whispered, grabbing Ash’s arm and dragging her along, she noticed that Ash must have been cold since goose bumps were sprinkled all over her tanned arms. Vairety gave a little smile, because she felt quite warm.
But that was the least of their worries. Everyone had gone cowering away from the rain, and it was now a clear fact that the men were pursuing them.
She knew she needed to tell Ash without being to obvious as to turn around and point directly at the men, so she grabbed her cousins’ arm and pointed to a shop window. “$320? Hope your not planing on buying that!” Ash said, shocked, since she hadn’t seen the men in the reflection but the horribly expensive jewellery.
“No. Not that, look in the reflection,” she whispered and pointed to the reflection of the men. “They’re following us. . .” Vairety then decided to pick up the pace, pulling her cousin along stubbornly.
“Do you think they’re stalkers?” Vairety shrugged as the rain annoyingly got in her eyes.
And then she saw, from the corner of her eye, as Ash stupidly looked back to check and noticed a lump in her throat. “When we get to the bend, run,” Vairety whispered to her casually.
Although Vairety did enjoy a good mystery she didn’t exactly want to be in one. She imagined a good piano piece to go with a scene like this—something with a low, slow tone. That would work out well.
But Vairety was soon driven away from her musical day-dreams, since she was becoming quite puffed out from walking speedily all the way, and had started feeling quite nervous—wondering wether they were going to make it out alive or not.
As they hit the bend, Vairety could hear the thump of the strong, mysterious men gaining on them and she was happy as she preferred running over weights so she picked up the pace, all the while dragging Ash along with her.
And then her eyes lit up as she spotted the backstreet and shoved Ash in.
But she soon realised that her judgement was a little off, thinking that the alleyway would lead them onto a main street as she sprinted her little heart out whilst ushering Ash along.
Vairety gave a short glance at her cousins’ face which was staring straight ahead in disappointment as soon as she realised it was a dead end. “Vee you idiot,” Ash shrieked when they hit the wall. “Well, since you were the one who dragged us in here I’m suggesting you go first with the rape and murder!”
Obviously she was thinking the worst, I mean, maybe we just forgot something? Vairety thought, but really, who was she kidding? She knew they were bad news. She looked around everywhere, trying to find an exit, but she could feel her body shaking in fear.
“Well. . .” Ash started. Vairety glanced at her deep, red, fear-filled eyes. Great last words, Ash, Vairety thought sarcastically.
As the men bounded closer and closer they began pressing themselves even more against the wall behind them. Vairety couldn’t help but stare them straight in the face noticed that they all wore an expression that Vairety had never seen before—the expression of dread. This kind of fired Vairety up, what the heck were they dreading? They’re not the one’s being chased by five men!
She turned to Ash, wanting to say something, and noticed that they were focused on something in a puddle of murky water. “Ash? Could you look at something more useful?” But Vairety never spoke the words, since she was shocked, the men were so close now that she could clearly make out their raspy breathing.
Ash obviously hadn’t heard it, since she took Vairety’s arm calmly, “Don't you—” but she was cut off as one of the men grabbed her arm and she let out an ear-piercing shriek. His pale white face was full of dread, his bushy, dark-brown eyebrows rose above his big, midnight blue sunglasses and his thin, long lips were a pale beige. Then Ash tried a couple of kicks and punches but he managed to dodge them all, panting.
And then Vairety saw the necklace, it’s large, black gem gleaming at her. She quickly grabbed Ash’s hand, trying to get it so she could peg the necklace at the man, since it was rather ugly. But as soon as her fingertips touched the wet, rusted, gold chain, a blinding flash of white light enclosed around them.
Vairety had no idea what was going to happen, but she had an idea that were they were was just as bad as being in that alleyway—at least somebody had a chance of finding us there. But here, here they were nothing, no one—not even a speck of dust. And then, just as quickly as the thought had left her mind, Vairety was drenched as if she was in water or something, but as far as she could see there was nothing but white.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Enter a World of magic like none other you have ever known of before.

Our story begins one summer’s night on Monday the 13th, would you believe it. Ash and her cousin, Vairety, had just finished dress shopping for their on coming formal and were walking home, something which they did regularly after visiting the mall together, but this time they had no idea that it wouldn’t be as ordinary.

Swept away from their normal lives they find themselves in the mysterious and magical world known by it’s inhabitants by the name ‘Paradox’. There they meet a humble little dragon named Xi who tells them of the Brothers, two young men with the ability to fully control the elements; Earth and Water, together they have been causing havoc to the once peaceful world and there are no hopes of stopping them until two teenage girls came along.

Soon Ash and Variety learn about their ability to fully control the elements of Fire and Air, and they must work quickly, together with the help of Xi, if they ever hope to defeat the Brothers, restore life to Paradox and find a way home.

The Babylonian Chronicles.